About Us

Originally founded in 1991, Kokopelli Winery first established vineyards on fertile, high-desert land north of WIllcox, Arizona. Owners Don and Carol Minchella worked with a seven-generation French wine making family to create their uniquely southwestern wines. By 1995, Kokopelli had set the standard for a new wine industry in Arizona, and become the largest winery in the state.


Later, Kokopelli Winery opened its first location in Chandler, Arizona. Due to growing demand for the wine, a second location with a bistro was introduced in Surprise, Arizona, in 1998. Kokopelli wines have won multiple awards in several regional wine competitions over the years.


Kokopelli Winery is proud to be back, returning with many of the company’s favorite varieties with plans to introduce several new ones. When gathering together with family or friends in the great Southwest,
a glass of Kokopelli wine is always welcomed!

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