It has been an exceptional season at the vineyards this year, and Rick Sharp of Kokopelli Winery is pleased with the quality of this year’s grapes! The combination of warm, dry days of never-ending sunshine and the cool desert nights near the Arizona state line have resulted in one of the best crops in several years.


Kokopelli Winery was first established in 1991, and became one of Arizona’s first large-scale wine producers. With the 2017 harvest, Kokopelli will continue to produce a wide range of varieties that are crafted to satisfy every palate. Kokopelli wines are a southwestern favorite wherever people gather together in friendship, celebration, and relaxation.



Moscato – This complex white wine has a complex and expressive nose of floral and perfumed qualities, and delivers a sweet character. Rich tropical fruits and honey round out its flavorful profile.

Pair Kokopelli Moscato with spicy southwest or Asian cuisines, fruited salads, soft cheeses, or fruit-based desserts.


Merlot – This classic red varietal imparts aromas of rustic oak, toast, blackberry, and light cranberry. Its soft, approachable character has a crisp balance of oak, tannins, and fruit.

Kokopelli Merlot pairs perfectly with rich cheeses, roasts, pasta with rich red sauces, hearty stews, or chocolate.


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